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One of our goals for the Women's Conference is to keep the cost of the tickets at the lowest possible price.  
We have been able to do this in years past due to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.  Please consider
becoming a Sponsor and/or purchasing an ad for the program.

All attendees will receive a program at the conference.  They will be referencing this book throughout the day.

Please consider purchasing an ad to be published in the program

  •  Full Page Ad (A): Back Cover (6.5” wide x 8” tall) - $500

  •  Full Page Ad (B): Inside Page (6.5” wide x 8” tall) - $200

  •  1/2 Page Ad (C): Inside Horizontal (6.5” wide x 3.875” tall) - $150

  •  1/4 Page Ad (D): Inside Vertical (3.125” wide x 3.875” tall) - $100

  •  1/8 Page Ad (E): Inside Horizontal (3.125” wide x 1.8125” tall )- $50

  •  Company name (and website - optional)  listed in program - no image - $25

If purchasing A-E, we will follow up with you by phone to discuss the design
of your ad.

All ads are due by March 23rd, 2024. Please email us at to purchase your ad in this year's program.

Specific Sponsor

Consider donating a gift in kind or earmarking your donation for one of the following needs of the conference:

  • Sponsor a speaker: Underwrite a specific conference speaker (gift of $250, $500, or $1000)

  • Sponsor an attendee: Donate the cost of a conference ticket for an adult ($35) or a young woman ($20).   

  • Sponsor the free continental breakfast: Underwrite some of the costs of the free breakfast ($25, $50, $100)​

Please email us at to become a sponsor

Program Ads

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