Featured Speakers

5th Annual Catholic Women's Conference


Heather Renshaw is the wife of one very tall husband and mother of five very exuberant children living in the missionary territory of suburban Portland, Oregon. An on-fire revert to the Catholic faith, Heather has a special devotion to Divine Mercy and the Blessed Mother, especially under the title of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Heather is the author of the award-winning book Death By Minivan (Our Sunday Visitor), and the award-winning family life column, Mea Maxima Cuppa, for the Catholic Sentinel newspaper. Her work has appeared in CatholicMom.com, Aleteia For Her, Take Up And Read, Blessed is She, and more. Heather has also appeared on Catholic TV, Morning Glory, The Busted Halo Show, Girlfriends with Danielle Bean, The Jen Fulwiler Show, and she previously hosted The Visitation Project for Mater Dei Radio. 


In 2003, Robert Rogers experienced a tragedy of Biblical proportions.  After 8 years as a father, nearly 12 years as a husband, and 13 years as an electrical engineer, Robert's life completely changed one night on his family's way home from a wedding in Wichita, Kansas.  Through his immediate trust in God, Robert has risen above adversity and freely shared his compelling message across the country by invitation over 1,300 times to at least 290,000 people personally, as well as with ABC, CBS, CNN, EWTN, Montel Williams, Integrity Film & Video, the Billy Graham TV Crusade, and Focus on the Family.  An accomplished worship leader, pianist, songwriter, and author of 4 books ("Into the Deep", "7 Steps to No Regrets", "Rise Above", and "Pass the Test"), Robert teaches others to Live a Life of No Regrets with his inspiring words and original songs at the piano.

Unfortunately, Fr. Jack Mattimore will be unable to participate in this year's conference.  We have assured him of our prayers and will be offering mass for his intentions.