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2024 Theme

Be still

To be still means to sit in the presence of our Lord, rest in His love, and know that He is our strength and refuge. No matter our vocation or season of life we are in, quiet and stillness help us to open our hearts up to the Lord to see where He is working.  We are able to nourish our seeds of faith, by being obedient, persevering, hoping, and trusting, in our humility and meekness before the Lord. It is in those moments of vulnerability that we are able to practice self reflection, diving into our inner most thoughts and feelings. We are surrounded by “noise,” coming from every which way; whether it be from news outlets, people, children, influences, trends, videos, or streaming services. Is it possible in our culture to take time to disconnect and simply be still? Do we allot ourselves personal prayer time to delve into what the Father has in store for us? 

The world tells us to keep up, to overburden our lives and schedules, and to rush. To be still, is to surrender. It’s the attitude of the heart to give up control and to let go of our worries and concerns because of God’s infinite love for us. When your soul starts to churn, when you need to take action, when you need to discern, or when you are simply too tired, “Be Still.“

2024 Speakers


Mary Lenaburg is a devoted wife of 35 years, loving mother of two, and proud grandmother of one. An esteemed author, she has penned two books, including the award-winning Be Brave in the Scared, recognized by the Association of Catholic Publishers with a 2020 Excellence in Publishing Award. Her second book, Be Bold in the Broken, was published in 2021. She has also contributed to Our Sunday Visitor Newspaper and has been a contributor to seven other published works. She is also an acclaimed international speaker, leading transformative retreats for women and presenting keynotes at significant conferences. Mary, together with her husband, co-hosts the popular The Mary and Jerry Podcast that enlightens listeners on faith, family, marriage, and much more. Recognized for her captivating speaking style, Mary has a remarkable knack for discussing challenging topics with palpable passion and a dash of humor, ensuring her listeners feel seen, known, and loved by God. She continues to embrace her father’s advice: “Never quit, never give up, never lose your faith. It’s the one reason you walk this earth. For God chose this time and place just for you, so make the most of it.”


Anne Marie Stroud is a wife & mama passionate about hyping women up to practically live out their identity as daughters of God in every area of their lives. Over the past 10 years, she’s spoken to small groups & large crowds, designed & led retreats, & written for popular Catholic blogs such as Life Teen & Blessed Is She, all with the focus of intimacy with Jesus. Currently, she’s a stay-at-home mom serving women & taking them deeper in the digital space of Instagram. 

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